Our flowers are fresh and our designs are beautiful.

We offer some of the freshest flowers around. We keep our stock small and get in new shipments at least 5 times a week, so our flowers are always fresh.

The owner has over 10 years of experience working in floral design, and every arrangement we make is carefully and artfully designed. Our arrangements earned us the title of "Best Wedding Florist" in Hunterdon County for 2015 and landed us a spot in Radius Magazine's 2016 Valentine's Day issue.

We keep it fun.

We offer a range of workshops both in the shop and off-site. Past classes include basic floral design, flower crown making, and floral design paired with watercolor painting. We also host a craft club meeting, which all are welcome to attend, and more information can be found on the Lambertville Craft Club Facebook page.

We love collaborating with other businesses- we've participated in a pop-up market at Anthropologie in Newtown and enjoy working on styled shoots with local wedding vendors.

We support the little guys and buy local.

From succulents and cacti, to fresh cut flowers, to cards and small gifts, we buy local. We offer cards and prints from Wild Hart Paper in Doylestown, tea from The Morning Room in Lambertville, and organic lavender sachets from Two Feathers in Princeton. If you are a small local business and would like to sell your goods or at Flora, please give us a call!

We keep our prices fair.

We don't charge you extra because it's a holiday or because you're getting married.

We work to protect our environment.

When seasonally available, we purchase the bulk of our cut flowers from local farms, shrinking the shipping distance from thousands of miles to less than 10. Our local flowers are produced without harmful chemicals, offering a much more eco-friendly option than traditionally grown flowers.

We also recycle all cardboard and take part in Lambertville's "Third Can" program, which allows us to compost all of our plant refuse. For more information on participating in this program, please contact the Lambertville City Office.